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Warranty & Return Policy

Wehappy Technology Development CO.,Ltd devotes to provide you our best and comprehensive after-sales service. To better service you and control our products quality well, please refer to the Wehappy Warranty & Return Policy.

1. Acceptable defective rate

Under our warranty period, it’s inevitable that some inkjet cartridges will be damaged by transportation, storing and selling, which we call defective products. The 1%-3% defective rate of batch cargos is acceptable, reasonable and inevitable. Based on our warranty & Return policy, we will make replacement only for those defective goods which exceed that rate. And we won’t take any responsibility of those goods less than that rate. The above defective rates are considered because there should be some fail are goods due to transportaion, imporper unsing and storing.

Note: All inkjet cartridges from Wehappy have been tested to be qualified by 100% inspection during the whole production procedures. The above defective rates are considered because there should be some failure goods due to transportation, improper using and storing.

2.Defective Products & Return Standards

Defective products have been divided into regular defective products and large batch defective ones.

a. Regular Defective Products: Within period of validity failure rate of a batch cargos is not over 10%. Regular return, please return as per Wehappy's demand under the warranty period. We will replace same goods quantity according to our agreement.

b.Large Batch Defective Products: if a batch of cargos whose defective rate is more than 10% when selling the goods, please stop selling in order to lower loss and send them back to us within 30 days as our requirement. We will charge their freight and make up them for you with the same quantity or the equal value products as soon as we can.

3.Warranty Period:

Remanufacture inkjet cartridges: within 12 months after delivery

4. The identify standards of defective products:

1). All the defective products need to be in accordance with the following situations which we will offer service of exchanges:

a. Must belong to our products,

b. Must be within our warranty period.

c. The defective products must be caused by correct operation.

d. There must be clear and complete Model, Label and Identification on the inkjet cartridges.

e. There must be no man-made damage of cartridges's appearance, chip and circuit board.

2). We won’t offer any exchange if the items are with the following problems:

a. No label or code on the defective items (All items of our company have the production code) or the label were tore.

b. Physical damage: the body, chip or circuit board was man-made damaged.

c. Defective items were refilled, or parts were replaced or inappropriately used.

d. The ink of the defective items were used over 50%. (We can check them by the weight. About the weight standard, please ask our sales staff for reference)

e. Products without any quality problem.

f. Defective products beyond the warranty expiration date.

g. Products bear the labels which were not our own identification. Ink leakage of color cartridge caused by self-unpacking the protection clip, and self-sealing membrane or packing.

h. Products for promotion or free.

i. Any lost or risk caused by transportation. Please don’t worry, we will help you to reduce the lost during transportation. We highly recommend you to buy insurance for cargos before shipping.

5.The Return Requirements and Packing of Defective Products

a. All the defective cartridges must own our label and code.

b. Submit an application to our sales staff, and fill RMA Report in details with model, quantity and related P/I number. For the exceptional quality problem, please take photos for them and provide samples for our QC checking.

c. After confirming and testing, we will send the defective report and specification to you without any delay.

d. Please pack them well to avoid broken or leakage after unpacking external package of every cartridges for shipping; it is appreciated to pack ink cartridges with tissue covering the cartridge head to prevent polluting by hydroscopic substance, with using cardboard between each layer.

e. Please attach a packing list of defective items so that we can check easily.

f. Please return the items by sea as our nominated address. We only charge the general shipping freight by sea, so we refuse to pay any other extra customs fee and the freight of other transportation means.

Note: We will reserve the right to claim for extra fee of handling defective products returning if you ship them to us without our confirmation and return requirements.

6.We will make replacement after receiving and checking the defective items. Sorry we do not offer any refunds.

Note: This Warranty & Return Policy should be subject to Chinese version and hereby we will reserve the right of its interpretation.

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